HR Software Show

HR Software Show

HR Software Show is an event concentrated on the needs of the HR technology and systems industry by marking a coming together of the leading industrial experts and top brains to evaluate the present day state of affairs within the profession and prospects for the future.

HR Software Show marks an outstanding opening for the facilitation of a healthy exchange of dialogue among the industrial heads and some of the most talented practitioners as they explore the most recent developments made by the discipline and the many challenges they face which need overcoming for the overall progression of the industry. This is also a great scope for the businesses to foster stronger relations and professional networking as they display the products and services they have to offer their clientele.

A number of visitors will be at the HR Software Show, looking to interact with the professional experts and view products and services related to employee engagement, employee well being, and corporate responsibility. They will be mainly attending to be updated on the latest industry developments, find new suppliers of software, collect information, network, and ultimately get the adequate expert required for success.

A great many exhibitors will be at the HR Software Show in order to interact with each other and display some of their products and services relating to subjects such as Employee Engagement, Corporate Responsibility for HR and Well-being for High Performance. Among the exhibitors, will be Access Select , Advanced Business Solutions, Bond TeamSpirit, Carval Computing Ltd, Cascade Human Resources Limited, Ceridian, Cezanne Software Ltd, Croner, emPerform, Frontier Software, Halogen Software, Human Capital Services, Menntor, Peopleclick, Authoria, Perceptive Software, Sage HR and Payroll, and Vaado Software Ltd.

19 – 20 June 2013

Olympia Exhibition Centre

London, United Kingdom


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