Tweets with the Sport: Thanks Fans

The time is right here. It is do or die.Tweet from @reeaninlee: IMMA Want THESE KINGS To attain Soon AND Score Often THIS Activity @LAKings #GoKingsGoTweet from @323_804: This is your very last chance I hope you fellas went tonight really I am depending on youTweet from @steeloSUCKit: @LAKings having prepared for the 2014 repeat. The sport begun out hopeful, using the Kings top the two in hits & shots on goal.Tweet from @johnondrasik: The @LAKings dominating but cant rating. The story of my life. from @TheJordanMiller: Way different-looking @LAKings tonight. Absolutely cannot allow Vegas to score first. #GoKingsGo #LAKvsVGKTweet from @M_Menashe_23: How the #LAKings have not scored I do not understand. #GoKingsGoTweet from @LAKings: It really is now or never. #GoKingsGo from @FoxSportsWest: -You score.-No. You score.-No. You rating. *We’ re cool if anyone scores* @LAKings from @hurricane_28: been all #LAKings this period. but they have to have to… needed a goal yesterday.Tweet from @DanielDo sey: Now would be an excellent time to attain #GoKingsGoTweet from @Alixxboo: LETS ALL TAKE A MOMENT TO PRAY FOR AN LA KINGS WINTweet from @Da_Real_Marifke: “Vegas got away with one there” is the slogan of this series when it comes to penalties. #GoKingsGo #StanleyCupPlayoffsTweet from @aram0624: I dont want to wait until October to watch Kings again #gokingsgoWe might require to adopt a baby animal after this activity, Ellen.Tweet from @LAKingsEllen: I am gonna need to watch some baby animal videos to calm down after this video game. #LAKingsTweet from @RobFloLA82: @LAKings Watching the 3rd Period like… from @heyjdey: The #LAKings have twenty minutes to get up & go or they’ll have to get up and go. #GoKingsGo #BelieveThings begun to look grave at the start of the 3rd.Tweet from @coacherz_94: Come on @LAKings !!!!! Im not prepared for the season to be over yet!!!! #GoKingsGo from @lovezjms: this can be definitely the End #GoKingsGoTweet from @CraigJ_92: LA Kings from @ye siiee_royce: See you next year #LAKings sad but proud. I know yall tried your best #StanleyCup #GoKingsGoTweet from @jointhego sip: Rough end but a great @LAKings season. Proud fan! #GoKingsGoTweet from @LAKingsforlife: @LAKings will come back next year even better, cant wait to see what this team looks like next year. #GoKingsGo Alec Martinez Jersey #IsItOctoberYet #StanleyCupTweet from @ye siiee_royce: Honestly Im just so proud. It was rough but I know they gave it everything…just wasnt meant to be #LAKings #StanleyCup #GoKingsGoThank you to all the admirers who supported the team throughout the season.Looking forward to seeing you again in the fall!

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