Western Canada Farm Progress Show

Western Canada Farm Progress Show

Western Canada Farm Progress Show (WCFPS) is a top notch event which focuses on emerging trends in the farm industry. It focuses on all

the aspects such as economic shifts, changing demographics, emerging issues and advances in technology regarding farm industry. The event feature several interactive programs such as The International Buyers Program, Renewable Energy Centre, and many more. These programs will be headed by worldly renowned farm experts and industry professionals who share their most innovative ideas with the attendees of the event. Whether one has to buy or sell farm equipment, or gathering information about the emerging trends which may lead to the improved production, then the Western Canada Farm Progress Show is the right place for them.

Thousands of visitors will be gather in Western Canada Farm Progress Show from across the world and they will be able to know more and more about the products, techniques, equipments and services linked to the Farm and fertilizers industry. A large number of visitors will gather viagra or cilis at this largest state Farm Show in the country. Some of the frequent visitors of the show are farmers, farm professionals, fertilizers, buyers, importers etc.


A Order what is teva used for lot of exhibitors will participate in Western Canada Farm Progress Show from different parts of the country. There are more than hundreds of companies who will exhibit their products and services in this world wide show. These companies products include latest farm and livestock equipment, buildings, fertilizer, feed, seed and much more. Some of the most frequent exhibitors will be manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, exporters and many more.

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Queensbury Convention Centre

Regina, Canada


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