Wirtschaftsmesse Hannover

Wirtschaftsmesse Hannover

is a two day business trade fair dedicated to all the retailers and owners of small and medium scale enterprises in the region of Hannover. The exhibition will provide exhibitors from broad industry backgrounds with a strong platform where they can attain exposure and visibility for their products and services that they represent at the exhibition. Around 150 exhibitors are expected to come down for the event.

Wirtschaftsmesse Hannover will be attended by retailers, dealers, suppliers and decision makers from all the prominent business sectors found in the Hannover region. As for the visitors, they will be able to make promising new contacts and forge new deals. The event is scheduled to be held in the city of Hannover in Germany.

Wirtschaftsmesse Hannover will be visited by professionals such as retailers, dealers, professionals from small and medium scale enterprises, suppliers, decision makers, market analysts and other business entrepreneurs.HighlightsHighlights of Wirtschaftsmesse Hannover will include

Wirtschaftsmesse Hannover will be displaying exhibitor categories such as direct print agencies, cars and commercial vehicles, architects, secretarial services, charity shops, hotel and conference centers, financial management services, leadership schools, rehab treatment centers, tourism related organizations, language and communication schools, advertising agencies, software consultancy firms, holistic healing services, sales optimization small and medium scale enterprises.

11 – 12 September 2013

AWD Arena Hanover



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